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Reducing Player Fees

We have a number of options for families who need help reducing player fees.

  1. Players will have the opportunity to sell VIP passes to the Western Regional Tournament. Players can use the proceeds to reduce their player fees by $100.
  2. Players in need of financial aid should apply for City of Boulder Youth Opportunity Individual Grants.  These grants are up to $200. Forms can be found under Documents -> Youth Opportunity Grants.  For further details see the City of Boulder site: https://bouldercolorado.gov/child-youth-family/youth-opportunities-grants.
  3. We are offer Marketing Partnerships (sponsorships) to help raise money to pay for field improvements and other tournament expenses.  See Why Partner with DBoB for details.  You can sell sponsorships to help reduce player fees by up to $500.
  4. Once the player has pursued the above options, DBoB will also have some financial aid available.  If you need this, apply by completing our financial aid form.

Do you own or know of local businesses that would benefit from reaching our loyal fan base this season? Diamond Baseball needs your help to grow our business partnerships. We rely heavily on generous financial support of individuals and businesses to keep baseball more affordable and safe for families in our community. Take a minute to scan your contacts and bring in a partner today.

These partnerships can be designated to apply to either (a) the general DBoB fundraising fund or (b) reduce a specific player’s fees. If the full partnership is designated towards the general fundraising fund, up to 100% of the sponsorship may be considered a tax-deductible donation.

If the partnership is designated to reduce a specific player’s fees, 50% of the value of the partnership will be applied towards the chosen player’s fees. In this case, up to 50% of the amount may be considered a tax-deductible donation. You may solicit multiple partnerships up to, but not exceeding, the full amount of your fees for the current year. Click here and consult your tax advisor for details on using sponsorships to reduce player fees.

You simply spread the word and Diamond Baseball will apply up to 50% of the value to your player fees when your referral becomes a partner!

What is the Diamond Baseball Partnership Advantage?

  • Expected attendance to reach 30,000 players and fans this season
  • Over 200 games at Suitts Field at Scott Carpenter Park – twice as many as Coors Field
  • Exclusive host of the 9th Annual Boulder-National Invitational Tournament July 8-12th featuring state champions and 30 top teams from around the country and Canada
  • First time host of the prestigious 7-state American Legion Western Regional Tournament August 4-9th
  • Get in touch with busy families at memorable live events with high impact banners, tournament program ads, website logos & links, game announcements, social media, promotions and more!
  • Click here to learn more about our partnership levels for every budget.